Bennett Classics
Antique Auto Museum

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Bennett Classics Auto Museum is a nonprofit (501c3) organization. We rely on personal and/or business donations to make our museum possible. Admission charges and merchandise sales do not cover the cost of operating the museum, therefore we greatly appreciate any and all donations. If you have any of the items on our wish list just lying around in your attic, basement, or garage we’d love to have them as a permanent donation to the museum. We need your support to keep the museum going.

Items marked with an **** are very much needed items

Auto, Truck, Tractor Related Items
Auto & Gas Signs  
Car related pictures or items  
Old artifacts  
Old Gas Pumps  
Old gas station items  

Museum Related Items
Any old artifacts  
Battery Chargers  
Old newspapers  
Utility Cart  

Office Related Items
Book shelves  

If your business would like to sponsor Bennett Classics Auto Museum, you will receive a yearly pass to the Museum and we will place your business website link on

All Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Give us a call at 828-247-1767 or e-mail us for more information on how to support the museum.