Bennett Classics
Antique Auto Museum



Bennett Classics Auto Musesum Wins
National Antique Automobile Club of America Museum Award

  In 2007 Bennett Classics Antique Auto Museum was born, having a wide variety of vehicles, housing around 70 vehicles. A lot of unrestored originals from Model T’s to Mack Trucks, a Shelby mustang, to the retired Forest City American Lanfranc Fire truck,  and it is ever changing including a new addition 1963 Ford Mayberry Sheriffs Car Signed by Don Knots (A.K.A Barney Fife) which is a must see! The museum is about preserving the automobile history for generations of the past, present and future, here under one roof in Rutherford County. 

It has been quite an asset to the community, bringing in people from all over the world! From hosting numerous car clubs and events to assisting with a historical documentary of the used car industry from the 1930’s to present time. So when Buddy & Joe Bennett heard that they had won the National Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum Award they were shocked, proud and overjoyed. The Award was judged on community, presentation of the museum toward the antique car hobby, preservation of the automobile and how well the museum is presented to educate people. It was given out at the annual AACA Meeting in Philadelphia, PA in February. They narrow it down to three museums, then they are presented to the board and a museum is chosen. 

“It was an honor for Bennett Classics Antique Auto Museum to bring this award to Rutherford County. It is very special for the museum. We never dreamed it would get this big. We are very appreciative and feel very blessed to have received such a prestigious award,” stated Buddy and Joe Bennett.

Bennett Classics is open Friday-Saturday 10am-4pm, Sunday-Thursday Closed at 241 Vance Street, Forest City. For more information, please call 828-247-1767


Bennett Classics is a wonderful new Museum that has captured a varity of history under one roof. The museum was started by brothers Buddy and Joe Bennett who were originally from Burnsville where they worked at their uncle Joe Young's Ford dealership.

Their love of automobiles and flathead Ford V8's started in the early 60's. From there the brothers started collecting and moved to Rutherford County where they both started their own businesses that have grown to help the county economically. Now they have helped it historically by taking their dream and making it a reality. Restoring one of historys greatest inventions of transportation from muscle to vintage, they have a little bit of something to please everyone along with some other antiques on display. The museum is here to assist tour groups or individual functions.

If you have already visited with us be sure to comeback soon, as the collection will change and we wouldn't want you to miss out on this amazing opportunity to view what is really a wonderful experience that brings back memories for some and an opportunity to capture "What Was" for others. And if you have a dream of one day starting your own collection there is a chance to purchase some of these true classics.

We hope that you will come and support our museum. We are open Tuesday-Friday 10am-4pm, Saturday-Monday Closed.